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Ulrich Hinz -- Your building machinery partner
for more than 10 years

Experience with building machinery After working more than 18 years in a large German builders and contractors company, I became self employed and founded Ulrich Hinz Building Machinery in 1990. In the long years as head of the Building Machinery department in this company, I gained experience abroad repairing and maintaining of all kinds of buidling machinery, specially with heavy buidling machinery.

New assembly shop Building the new assembling shop in 1995 a new chapter in the history of the company began. Now all tools and enough space is available to handle even the most sophisticated projects.

The boss at work On the following pages you will find further details about our services and what else we are able to do for you. Call us or send us an e-mail (info@hinzbaumaschinen.de)! In a personal conversation we will find solutions for your problems or requests!

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