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How to find us?

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Frankly, it's no wonder if you do not know, where Zeilbach is. Nevertheless, when you want to, it isn't hard to find us:

  • SchildComing from Alsfeld, you have to take the B49 towards Grünberg. After approx. 12km you will reach Ermenrod. At the church, turn left towards Groß-Felda. After about one km there is a sign showing right to Zeilbach. In the middle of the village (at the church), you have to turn right up the hill towards Ober-Ohmen. In a heavy right-hand bend you have to turn even heavier right into Bergstraße (see red marked street on the sign).
  • The way is the same coming from Grünberg. Except you have to drive on B49 towards Alsfeld and turn right in Ermenrod!
  • Coming from Ober-Ohmen you have to turn left immediately into Bergstraße after entering the village.
  • Coming from Groß-Felda you have to drive straight through Zeilbach until you reach the described traffic sign.

Kleine Version der How to find usPerhaps our map will help you to find Zeilbach? Just click on the picture on the left to see a bigger version!

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