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Ulrich Hinz Building Machinery -- Services

Purchase and sales of all kinds of building machinery
We buy and sell used building machinery and equipment. You are also able to have your machines repaired by us! We have prepared a before/after example (loading time approx. 15 sec.) for you. It shows how we bring your machines up to scratch.

Renting of building machinery and equipment
Do you need a caterpillar or excavator? Or, do you want to transport bulky objects on a trailer? You can hire these machines from us! Depending on what's available we would be happy to send you a quote. Contact us for Details!

Procurement of spare parts
It doesn't always have to be new spare parts! Why buy a new part, which is worth more than the whole machine? We offer you a world wide spare part's service. Either we have parts from a wrecked machine in stock or we are able to get your spare part using our world wide partnerships for the best value for money

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